New Rainbow High Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

Let your true colors shine just like the six new colors of the rainbow from Rainbow High.

Olivia Woods represents green in her green top and skirt worn underneath a green Rainbow High logo jacket. She’s got matching heeled boots and gold Rainbow High earrings. Her long green hair is worn pulled up in two little buns. And she’s displayed on a sparkly green doll stand.

“Orange” you glad Michelle St. Charles is here? You can’t miss her in a neon orange sweater dress and clear plastic Rainbow High jacket. Her white boots have translucent orange heels. She’s got orange and silver earrings, and silver hair clips in her short orange hair. Her doll stand is glittery orange. 

Aiden Russell is supposed to be purple, although he looks more gray. There is a slight purplish tint in his hair and on his iridescent jacket, but his Rainbow High T-shirt is white, his shorts are gray, and his boots are kind of a translucent white. His doll stand is glittery black. 

Victoria Whitman is light pink. She wears a fluttery pink top with matching skirt and pink heeled sandals. Her dangly earrings look like flowers. There are hints of pink in her long blonde hair, and her doll stand is glittery pink.

Priscilla Perez is a different shade of pink. This doll wears a pink dress with pink gems, pink sleeves with lace-up detail, and a pink boa. Her pink heels are the same shade as her neon pink hair. She’s got dangly earrings and a glittery pink doll stand. 

And Kim Nguyen is blue. She wears a denim dress, a denim jacket, dark blue heels, and dangly Rainbow High earrings. Her long hair is blue and black. You can display Kim on a glittery blue doll stand. 

Each doll also comes with a variety of accessories, such as a comb, a laptop, a sewing machine, a pretend phone, clothes hangers, pretend makeup, and more.

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All six of these dolls look fabulous. We love the color themes and the fashions and all the realistic accessories that help kids play out what they see on the Rainbow High TV series. These dolls will be fun to collect and display, as well as inspire imaginative play. 


6 new dolls to collect

Unique color theme and fashion

Realistic accessories

Imaginative storytelling



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