Netvue Peekababy Monitor Review

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Editor's Review

You and your baby deserve a monitor that will consistently keep them safe and the Netvue Peekababy Monitor is just the monitor to give you that peace of mind. The Netvue comes with the Peekababy Baby Monitor, Quick Guide, Power Adapter, Drilling Template, Mounting Bracket, Screws, and Anchors. The baby camera monitor comes with a 5″ Large Screen that gives you a larger view of your baby’s room and it has a 2X zoom function to allow for clearer visuals of your baby. You can have a clear video feed at night without disrupting your baby’s sleep. You can receive instant notifications on sound or motion detected in your baby’s room with through the Peekababy monitor or its app. Everything is caught with a high definition view as you can see all the details with 8X digital zoom in the Netvue app. It’s crystal clear for nights as well as it uses the 940nm infrared lights that allow you to view up to 20m distance with all the details in the room. The Peekababy has a seamless pan, tilt, and zoom with remote control and it plays lullabies for your baby as they sleep. I like that you can either use the camera to be stand alone or use the extenders and clip to clip onto the crib or other surfaces. I decided to clip the camera to Riley’s crib and I’m able to get a full view of the crib. However, if I wanted to use this during the day to see him in his room, I would have to readjust the camera. But, the night vision looks crystal clear and bright which was so nice! Riley has blackout curtains so it pitch dark and the camera makes it look like there is a light on without actually distrubing him. I did struggle a little with pairing the monitor and the camera, but eventually it worked out perfectly. I like that this very user friendly! I love the Mom stickers the camera came with and put the “mom power” one on the back of the monitor and I put the caffeine one on my water bottle. Unfortunately we have to use a sim card to record anything from the monitor. Also, there’s no way to pan around the room as the camera is stationary. Plus, I personally don’t like having to carry around a monitor, but I do like that I can use it without wifi.

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Should I get it?

 We loved that you can use this without wifi, it makes it very easy to bring it on vacation. 


  • You can use this in a blacked out room without disturbing their sleep.
  • It’s user friendly.
  • You can use it without wifi.


  • You can’t pan around the room. 

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