Nerf Star Wars The Mandalorian Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster Review

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Editor's Review

At 50.25 inches in length, this is the longest Nerf blaster ever made! The shape is unmistakably Din Djarin’s trademark blaster, with the iconic stock, forked barrel tip, and angled scope. Of course, the paint job is a bit different, to make clear that this is a toy blaster. For the most part, it is well detailed, with electroplated gold and silver paint. Across the barrel and chamber, there is a fine matte texture which gives this blaster a premium hand feel. Comparing this to the photos on Hasbro Pulse, there are a couple discrepancies. The weathering is less heavy-handed, and the stock finish and color is noticeably different. The final product stock, to its credit, does have a great wood texture in look and feel, but the pictures have a smooth, satin polish not present in the final version. Ultimately though, this blaster is just perfect for cosplay, or pretend play. Use this with your Hasbro Black Series Mandalorian Helmet, sold separately!

This blaster has lights and sounds, as long as you have 2 AAA batteries. It does come with 10 elite darts, but the blaster can only hold one at a time, so make sure you have pockets. To reload, push the pump forward, and the spring-loaded breech will pop open. This is an awesome, immersive feature! Close the breech and pull back the pump to prime, then blast away! You’ll hear blasting noises when you shoot, and a charging noise when you reload. There is a light up scope, but you can’t meaningfully see through it, unfortunately. It shoots well, but once in a while a dart may not go as far as usual. Lastly, we have to compliment the box. It is gorgeous, with gold accents and a ton of detail!

Nerf Star Wars The Mandalorian Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster

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This blaster is a ton of fun to use for role-play or cosplay! As a blaster, it’s also a lot of fun, but some features leave a little to be desired, such as the ammo storage, or a lot to be desired, like the functionally useless scope.

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