MuTable Around the World Round Puzzle and Toy Storage Bag Review

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Editor's Review

Preschoolers can travel around the world with the MuTable Around the World Round Puzzle. This 49-piece puzzle is made with large pieces that are easy for little hands to hold and work with. The colorful illustration shows all seven continents, as well as animals, vehicles, people, and more. It’s made to fit the MuTable puzzle base, but you can certainly puzzle without it. 

When puzzle time is over, store the pieces inside the Toy Storage Bag. This cotton bag is perfect for organizing and storing small and medium-sized toys. The neutral bag we’re showing in our video review has no pattern, but you can also find the bag in nine designs. If you have the MuTable, place this bag under the center opening and swipe all the toys inside. The drawstring closure keeps everything inside.

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These items are really designed as accessories and play activities for the MuTable, which TTPM has reviewed. And while they are great add-ons for that table, you can use them without the table. The puzzle is a great way to help little ones with fine motor skills, and with parent help, kids can learn about the different parts of the world. The Toy Storage Bag has many uses, and parents will like how easy it is to keep toys secure inside the bag.


Pros (puzzle)
Helps with fine motor skills
Helps kids learn about the world
Add-on to the MuTable
Fun screen-free activity

Pros (bag)
Drawstring closure
Works with the MuTable
Comes in different designs
Helps keep toys organized



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