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Editor's Review

The Stokke MuTable and Chair are a great addition to help stimulate children at any stage, from toddlers to bigger kids. The MuTable has a nice sleek design and is made of long-lasting quality material. It comes with four double-sided play boards to stimulate the kid’s creativity. The table has a brick base which is compatible with building blocks. The base also turns into a blackboard and whiteboard for drawing. Lastly, the puzzle base makes it all very fun!

The MuTable Chair is a functional and versatile chair that matches the MuTable play table. It is made of sturdy wood and non-toxic water base paint.

stokke mu table and chair

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Both the chair and the table has different height adjustments, adapting to the toddler as they grow. It is easy to adjust using the leg extension pieces: just add or remove them to find the desired height.

The set is a great way to make sure kids are playing comfortably, attending to their needs for many years.

The chair and the table are sold separately, easy to clean, and available in various colors.


  • adjustable height,
  • nice design,
  • different play boards inluded, and
  • easy to clean.



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