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Editor's Review

If you like listening to true crime podcasts, then maybe you’d like to be part of one. That’s the premise of the new party game Murder We Wrote. To play, each player starts with five blue People cards and four red Death cards. Players take turns being the podcast host each round. The host is going to look at their People cards and pick one to be the victim. People include fictional characters, such as Harley Quinn and The Tooth Fairy, and also real people, such as Martha Stewart. Then the other players must choose one of their People cards to be the murderer along with one Death card as the cause of death. Tell your story of how it happened, and the host will choose the story or card combination he or she likes best. If your story gets chosen, you get to keep the People/Victim card. At the end of the game, the player with the most Victim cards wins.

The instructions for the game were a little unclear. For instance, does the host choose a People card from his hand or flip over the top card from the deck? (We’re assuming either one is an option.) And where do the Witness cards come in? We’re assuming that players draw a Witness card and tell their story as the witness, but the instructions do not say this. 

The game comes with 230 People cards, 215 Death cards, 80 Witness cards, and instructions. You can play the game with three to eight players ages 14 and up.

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Should I get it?

This is a game that requires creativity, so you’ll definitely want to play with people who can really spin a yarn. The instructions could have been better written, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how to play and create some of your own rules to spice up the gameplay. 


Easy to learn how to play
Requires creativity
Different each time you play


Unclear instructions

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