Murder Mystery Party Case Files Crime Investigation Review

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Editor's Review

If you like a good murder mystery, how about trying to solve one? Put on your detective’s hat and play Murder Mystery Party: Case Files games. Playable solo or with a group, each game comes with victim and suspect photos, crime scene photos, newspaper articles, online hints and solutions, and other case evidence to help you figure out “whodunit”, how, and why.

Case Files themes include Killer Startup and Death by Chef’s Knife. These are packaged up in a file folder-style box with more than 50 pieces of evidence inside. These games have you solving the crime like a real detective would. You’re going to hunt through the evidence to find the killer and determine the motive, means, and opportunity of a suspect. Aside from reading the police note that says “Read this first!”, there’s no order in which you have to do anything. Read through all the evidence, talk it out with your fellow players, and check out the Misplaced Files folder online if you get stuck.

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We like how the contents of each game has the look and feel of a real police case file. Players will definitely feel like a real detective going through all the evidence. Depending on your experience with these types of games, the difficulty level of Case Files will vary. But if you’re a fan of true crime and detective podcasts and shows, then hopefully you’ll find the game fun no matter what. Of course, once you solve the case, that’s it; you can’t play the game again. 


Variety of game themes
More than 50 pieces of evidence
Realistic look
Fun for wannabe detectives


Can only play the game once

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