Monster Jam Grave Digger Freestyle Force RC Review

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Editor's Review

This RC car is play ready in minutes, as long as you have two AAA batteries on hand. Use the left stick to drive the truck forward and backward, and the right stick to turn left and right. Depending on your experience with RC cars, this may take a little getting used to, but don’t worry, you’ll catch on quickly. If you want to correct your wheel alignment, just press up on the left stick and one of the two arrow buttons below the right stick, depending on the direction you need to straighten out your front wheels. This is useful to get reoriented after driving around like a maniac.

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: Press the right trigger to go into a sustained tail wheelie!. Of course you can do more than just admire the cool trick; you can drive around, do spins, and jumps, all while in a wheelie. Press the right trigger to go into a front wheelie, if that’s more your style. To go back to quadruped mode, simply press the trigger for a second time. There are two speed settings on the controller: beginner and advanced modes. Speed while performing wheelies is limited in beginner mode for smooth driving, however there is no such limit in advanced mode.

Monster Jam Grave Digger Freestyle Force RC

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! It has all the fun and precision of a conventional RC car, with awesome wheelie tricks.

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