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Editor's Review

If Target or “Tar-zhay” is your happy place, then you’ll love the new Monopoly: Target Edition game that gives fans the chance to buy items, score deals, and save to win. This game encompasses familiar Target concepts, such as Target Circle, the Target RedCard, and, of course, Bullseye.

Players can play as a Target shopping bag, a coffee cup, a shopping cart, or Bullseye. And as players roll the dice and move around the game board, they’ll put an item card in their red Target basket when they land on an item space. If the item you landed on is out of stock, meaning another player has it in their basket, you can pay them 25 Monopoly dollars to take it and put it in your own basket. You don’t pay for anything yet. When you land on Go or Free Parking, that’s when you can stop to purchase any of the items in your basket. Buying items earns you savings, as denoted by the piggy bank symbol on each card. If you checkout with two items from the same department color set, you earn double the savings. If you have any Target Circle tokens, collected by landing on an item space with a Target Circle token on it, you can apply it to one item in your basket to earn double savings. And if you roll a 1, you get to take the RedCard and use it for double the rewards on your entire purchase at checkout. That is, unless another player rolls a 1 and takes it from you. Players collect Savings tokens on the savings they’ve earned at checkout, and at the end of the game, the player with the most savings wins!

The game still includes Chance and Community Chest cards, as well as Go to Jail and Jail/Just Visiting. (Maybe you were caught shoplifting?) But instead of utilities, there are Target Circle spaces that allow a player to add another Target Circle token to the board, and Deal Dash spaces that allow a player to move ahead to the nearest item with a Target Circle token on it. And you only collect 50 Monopoly dollars for passing Go.

Monopoly: Target Edition Game

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Because this game has a lot of different elements and rules, you’ll want to read through the instructions before playing. But we like that this version of the classic game is so different because it really ties in Target elements nicely, including some humorous parts that only Target fans will get. (“You went to Target for deodorant…and came out with just deodorant!”, reads one Chance card.) While fun to play, it also makes a nice collector’s piece for fans.

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