Mirari SkillDillies Snail and Owl Review

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Editor's Review

These toys provide classic play and new discoveries to encourage children to learn and grow. SkillDillies focus on fine motor and development needs. They incentivize children to grasp, poke, twist, and transfer hand-to-hand.

The snail has an eye-catching green color, a cute smiley face, and a little wooden head with antennas. It features a textured shell and a knob for babies to practice grasping, twisting, and turning. They can also push the snail and make it roll along.

The owl has a brown body, movable head, wood face, and two handle-like wings with colorful beads. You can also attach the owl to a stroller.

Mirari SkillDillies Snail and Owl

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They are a fun way to help with children’s development and are perfectly sized for little hands.

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