Minecraft Creator Series Party Supreme’s Palace Playset Review

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Editor's Review

To start, you’ll need to provide 3 AAA batteries, as they are not included. Party Supreme’s Palace is tall and thin when folded up, so you may expect it to topple over. However, it is bottom heavy, so it is very stable standing on its own. The blocky look of Minecraft is very evident at a glance. Each block type has a slightly different printed texture and variable finishes on each. The mix of matte and gloss makes a great looking shimmer under the light, and highlights the pixel aesthetic found in the source material. The torch ends are translucent plastic, so they can light up if they catch the light just right.

Press down on the top of the entryway to release the dance floor. The opposite side of the castle retains the nice gloss textural pattern from the front, plus some festive chains. Press on the record player to play a song, and have the dance floor start glowing. To stop the music, just press the button again mid-song. The playset only has 2 songs to cycle through, but they’re nice tunes. A 3 and a quarter inch figure of Party Supreme, the monarch of ceremonies, is included. He is articulated at the head, shoulders and legs, and comes with a party tiara. Take note, that only Party Supreme is included with this set, all other characters pictured on the box are sold separately. Scan the QR code in the printed instructions to be taken to a tutorial on how to build Party Supreme’s Palace in Minecraft.

Minecraft Creator Series Party Supreme's Palace Playset

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Should I get it?

We recommend Party Supreme’s Palace for younger Minecraft fans, especially so if they already have some Mattel Minecraft figures already.


  • The look is minimalistic at first glance, fitting in with Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic, but smaller detail is also present, such as textures and multiple finishes.
  • It has two display modes.
  • The set includes lights and sounds.
  • There is an included 3.25″ figure of Party Supreme.


  • Lack of included batteries.
  • Relatively small amount of play features/songs.

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