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Editor's Review

Think you know more than your parents? Think you know more than your grandkids? Put everybody’s knowledge to the test with Mind the Gap, a trivia game for the generations. To play this game, you’ll need two or more players ages 10 to Boomer. You can play the game where all generations work together, with at least one person from each generation on each team, or you can break the teams up by generation, pitting Boomers against Gen X, for example. 

There are four trivia card boxes, one for each generation: Millennial, Gen Z, Gen X, and Boomer. Those boxes get placed on their respective spaces on the gameboard. Then each team chooses a colored game piece and places it on the matching colored space on the board. Challenge cards go in the middle of the board.

Each team will be starting out playing in a specific generation. Game spaces have images relating to five different categories: TV/Film, Pop Culture, Music, Headlines, and Slang/Slogans. When you land on a specific category, you must answer a question from that category in the generation in which you are currently playing. If you answer correctly, roll the dice and move forward along the board. If you’re incorrect, you don’t get to move. 

If you land on a space with a star, one team member chooses a Challenge card and follows its instructions. These cards can be from any generation, and the team member has 60 seconds to get his team to correctly guess the Challenge. You might have to hum The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song or do the Cha Cha Slide. A successful challenge means the team gets to roll and move forward. If not, no move. You can also challenge the opposing team to perform the challenge if you can’t do it or you don’t think they’ll be able to do it. If you’re playing the game with only two players, you can obviously adapt these Challenge card rules.

The first team or player to make it all the way around the board and back to their colored space wins.

The game comes with 80 Challenge cards, 320 trivia cards (across four generations), four movers, a game board, a die, and instructions.

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Anybody who likes trivia games will like Mind the Gap. Even if you’re only playing with people from your generation, it’s still a fun game that challenges how much you know. It’s definitely more fun when played with a group of people from different generations, and if you’re looking for a game that will be fun and entertaining for everyone in the family to play, this is it.


80 challenge cards
320 trivia cards 
Tests how much you know
Fun for the whole family



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