Micro Machines Transformers Bumblebee Action Playset Review

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Editor's Review

The Playset initially comes packaged in alt mode, which is Bumblebee’s fifth generation Camaro look. Paintwork on this mode is clean and crisp. The hubcaps are done up in a nice silver, and the front grill has some well placed decals on the headlights. The car even rolls, and very well I might add! But this is only the beginning. Autobots, transform!

Just press down the buttons on both sides of the car to unlatch the front bumper, split the hood down the middle, and raise up the back to enter the Autobot base playset mode. Of course you’ll have to finish adding all the trimmings, like ramps, blasters, gates, and stickers. There’s even an adapter to connect to other Micro Machines playsets. Once you’re done you’ll have an epic playset to drive around as…Barricade? Looks like the base has been infiltrated by the enemy! The paintwork on Barricade is very nice, even having his twisted catchphrase above the rear wheel. There’s lots to do here at the autobot base, including, crashing through the gates, manning the articulated turrets, riding the elevator, exiting the garage, and finally getting trapped in the Decepticon containment zone. Use the included red lens to decipher messages all over the playset. When you’re ready to pack up, detach all the parts and fold it back up to get alt mode again. The extra parts don’t store anywhere inside the vehicle, so you’ll have to find some way to store them yourself. Barricade can fit if he stays in jail.

Micro Machines Transformers Bumblebee Action Playset

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In car mode the toy rolls around perfectly, and of course playset mode is a lot of fun for its numerous play features.

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