Mermaze Mermaidz Color Change Ocean Cruiser Review

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Editor's Review

When the Mermaze Mermaidz want to ride around in style, they’ve got the Color Change Ocean Cruiser. This see-through car seats two dolls and keeps them secure with shimmery elastic seatbelts. It’s got a heart-shaped chain steering wheel and a chain license plate cover with a license plate that reads “8U88LES” or “Bubbles”. The car’s hood, sides, and trunk have flame and fin designs that change color when you pour ice cold water on top, dip the entire car into ice cold water, or rub an ice cube against the designs. You can also remove the hood, creating a color-change station for the Mermaze Mermaidz dolls, which are sold separately.

But the color-change feature isn’t all. Just like how the mermaid dolls have glittery tails, you can add glitter to the inside of the Ocean Cruiser. Remove the covers on top of the doors, fill each side halfway with water, and pour one whole packet of glitter into each side. (Two packets are included.) Replace the covers and drive! The car’s clear wheels really roll.

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This car has a really cool look, and kids will like all the different ways they can play with it. It’s transportation for their mermaid dolls, kids can change the colors of its designs, it becomes a mermaid pool and color-change station for the dolls, and kids can add glitter to it! This is the perfect addition to the Mermaze Mermaidz dolls or any dolls kids like to play with.


Clear look

Color-change designs

Add glitter to it

Transforms into a mermaid pool on wheels


Doesn’t come with any dolls

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