Meow-Zaa, Teddy Bear, & Poochie Pie Review

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Editor's Review

How do you encourage kids to talk about their emotions and express what they feel? With cute stuffed animals that have changing faces. Whatsitsface is an educational plush toy with six faces to nurture emotional development and imaginative play.

There are three styles: a cat named Meow-Zaa, a dog named Poochie Pie, and a bear named Teddy Bear. They all have the same six faces, so pick the animal that will most appeal to your child. Each one has a bean-filled bottom and legs to help balance out the heaviness of the head and keep the animal sitting upright.

There’s a star-shaped knob on the top of each plush animal’s head. Turn it to rotate between three of the faces. Push in one side of the face to flip to its other side. Turning the knob is pretty easy for young kids to do, but they’ll need help flipping the faces.

The six emotions are sleepy, happy, sad, surprised, angry, and amused. Kids can almost bring the animal to life during play by changing its facial expression depending on what’s happening in their imaginative story. And parents can use these as tools to introduce feelings and what different facial expressions mean.

Meow-Zaa, Teddy Bear, & Poochie Pie

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Young children are still learning how to control and express their feelings. There’s not a parent out there who hasn’t experienced one of their child’s temper tantrums. But imagine your child is getting steamed up, and you hand your child a Whatsitsface and say, “Show me what you’re feeling right now.” Using these stuffed animals gets little ones talking about what they’re feeling and why. And when they begin to understand the what and the why, their emotional strength and resilience grows.

We think these stuffed animals are so cute and cuddly. They will encourage creative storytelling during playtime and be fun to snuggle up with at bedtime.

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