MEGA Tesla Cybertruck Review

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Editor's Review

The MEGA Cybertruck is 3,283 pieces, and will take you multiple sittings to complete. We say this because the build is fairly challenging. There are lots of black bricks being placed on more black bricks, so read the instructions carefully. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have the completed Tesla Cybertruck. The majority of the body is made of pearlescent gray tiles, with dark gray tiles on the truck bed cover, and clear tiles on the rooftop. For details, translucent red bricks line the back for the brake lights, the hood opens to reveal the internal frame, and the back cover collapses into the cab to reveal the truck bed, easily the best feature. Another detail we really enjoy is the impacted windows from the infamous demo, very humorous. The inside features the iconic angular seats and very unique marble dashboard. The pearlescent gray bricks have quite a bit of marbling in the plastic, not to be confused with the intentional faux marble tiles on the dashboard.

The MEGA Cybertruck certainly looks the part, but how solid is it? We’ll be honest: not very. The frame itself holds together nicely enough, and the suspension works very well, but the doors fall off very frequently. Due to the solidity of the rest of the frame, it’s extremely difficult to fix the doors once they’ve dislodged, since you don’t have a clear line of sight, or clearance for your fingers. It’s engineered to be put together ONCE and never come apart. Consider adhering the door pieces together, so long as you leave the joints free.

MEGA Tesla Cybertruck

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It’s definitely challenging! If you can manage to keep the doors on, it’s a fun piece to pose and admire.

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