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Editor's Review

There’s a cave on top of Math Mountain. If you go inside, you’ll encounter the Magic Math Monster! That’s just what players will do as part of the gameplay of Math Path Monster, and to get away from the Magic Math Monster, they’ll work together and use math skills to race back to the cave entrance. To play, roll the four dice, and think about how to use them in two different equations. One equation will be for the explorers, and the other will be for the monster. These equations can be addition or subtraction, but for beginners, it’s recommended to only use addition. The answer to the first equation determines which numbered space you move one of the explorers to. And the answer to the second equation determines which numbered space you move the monster to. If you land on a Power Space with a rope, draw a Power Card from the deck. These cards tell you to make one or two moves to specific spaces on the board or to skip the monster’s turn. If you land on a space with a bridge, move across the bridge in the direction of the arrow. And if an explorer pawn and the monster land on the same space, a dice battle begins. Roll the dice, add up the numbers on all four dice, and then do the same again for the monster. The higher number wins the battle, and the winner gets to draw and use two Power Cards. If all explorers make it to the cave entrance, everybody wins! The game comes with a game board, four custom dice, 22 power cards, four explorer pawns with stands, a Math Monster pawn, and two double-sided math boards. You can play the game with two to four players ages 6 and up.

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We like how this game gets players working together and thinking strategically with math. It’s a fun way to reinforce addition and subtraction skills both in a classroom setting and at home.


Players work together
Reinforces addition & subtraction
Involves strategy
Makes math fun



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