Matchbox Action Drivers Farm Adventure Review

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Editor's Review

Before we get our hands dirty, we need to raise ourselves a barn! There’s a small sheet of stickers to apply to add a bit of detail to an otherwise sparse set. The sculpted in detail more than makes up for it though, like in the wooden paneling and hay textures. The set includes a tractor with an attachable trailer, a horse, a cow, a goat, and 2 bales of hay. Theres also a very noisy but adorable rooster who spends his time in the top of the barn. Roll across or press down the pressure plate to hear the rooster bok and crow, plus some additional encouraging voicelines. Not to worry, batteries are included here! The barn door can be slid open to let the tractor through. You can drop hay bales through the chute and into the trailer to carry off to the animals for their lunch. The farmhand is waiting for you outside where the animals are eating. Press on the farmhand to hear him speak, and touch the pressure plate to hear various noises from the animals. Once the animals are done with their food, you can detach them from their pens and take them for a ride in the trailer. As luck would have it, it’s time for a harvest! Connect the tractor to the harvester and push forward to harvest the wheat until next season. Alternatively, just pull back on the harvester to set the crops back upright. If you want to drive the tractor solo, feel free to park the trailer under the solar panels.


There’s plenty of work to do around the farm, but if you have other Matchbox sets, (sold separately), you can attached them via the connection points on the paved road.

Matchbox Farm

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Should I get it?

This set has plenty of features and immersive play potential, plus, how often do you find a Matchbox tractor? We highly recommend this set.


  • It includes a well detailed Matchbox vehicle that’s unique and thematically appropriate.
  • It includes animal and hay accessories to play with, as well as a trailer for the tractor.
  • It has easy and repeatable play features.
  • There are sound features, with batteries included.
  • You can also connect other Matchbox sets. 


  • Paint detailing is light.

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