Matchbox Action Drivers Airport Adventure Review

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Editor's Review

This includes a Matchbox vehicle and a Matchbox Sky Busters aircraft. It features amplified realism with plenty of true-to-life details and moving parts; the moving luggage carousel, airport lights and sounds, and moving jet-bridge! Drive up to the departure level and the doors automatically open, activating lights and sounds from inside the terminal and the air traffic control tower, just like in real life! Pull into the gate and the jet bridge automatically moves to meet it so passengers can disembark. Manually raise the security gate to enter the parking lot. As the plane taxis the runway, it automatically changes the light details to indicate it’s cleared for take-off. Drive toward the exit to activate the security gate. Don’t forget to pay the attendant!

Matchbox Action Drivers Airport Adventure

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The playset connects to other Matchbox Action Drivers and Hot Wheels City sets. It encourages kids to be creative and the sounds and lights brings some fun into the play!

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