Masters of the Universe Origins Sun-Man, Clawful, Horde Trooper, and Anti-Eternia He-Man Figures Review

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This Masters of the Universe line of figures harkens back to an older time. The design of the figures is very reminiscent of the original 80’s run, but this time, Mattel has incorporated more articulation. Each figure has articulated points in the shoulders, elbows, hip joints, shoulders, and head, plus the blessed ankle pivot. Ergo, you can get far more dynamic poses than with the older toys.

As for specifics, let’s start off with Sun-Man. Sun-Man’s history with the Master’s of the Universe franchise is very fascinating, and you can find out more in our review for the Deluxe Edition of Sun-Man! This version comes with his iconic armor, Wing Cape, Sword, and Sun Shield. He can easily equip the shield and sword in his hands, but you will have to pop the head off to attach the wings, which is no biggie.

Next up we have Clawful, and boy, what a character. He just screams Masters of the Universe with his very clear gimmick and punny name. His red-orange, Indigo, and sienna color scheme strangely works. He features bumpy detail on his head and claw, plus an extra articulation point at the claw. Add his green mace to both complete his arsenal, and add a nice complimentary color to the mix. Talk about “Clawful Evil!”

Now we have a Horde Trooper. In a departure from the “less is more” approach most He-Man characters take with armor, this guy is plated to the teeth. Of course, that might be due to being a cyborg. His torso armor splits to reveal circuitry underneath. He also comes with a battle staff and the emblem of his dread commander, Hordak.

Lastly we have Anti Eternia He-Man. This character apparently hails from a 1985 audiocassette story of He-Man from Germany, and is He-Man’s nemesis from an evil dimension, Anti-Eternia. It’s He-Man, but jet black and with auburn hair. Our reviewer didn’t care much for the design; he gets that the concept is a “Shadow He-Man,” but it just seems like an outdated or uninspired look, at best. At least he gets his butt kicked by Sun-Man in the included comic, so good job there! But, as far as the figure goes, the mold is of He-Man, so it’s very solid in terms of poseablity and accessories. Anti-Eternia He-Man comes with his Evil Power Sword, an axe and a shield.

Masters of the Universe Origins Sun-Man, Clawful, Horde Trooper, and Anti-Eternia He-Man Figures

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Masters of the Universe Origins figures are great fun, and this wave is no exception. Their classic aesthetic, coupled with modern engineering make for endless posing options and epic diorama possibilities.

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