Marvel Racer Verse 2 Pack Iron Man and Thanos Review

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Editor's Review

The Racer Verse series of Hot Wheels feature all the detail of a classic Hot Wheels car, but have more cartoonish proportions, as well as a character actually molded into the driver’s seat. This special 2-pack features Iron Man and Thanos, but before that, we have to mention the box. The outer box opens to reveal a semi trapezoidal slipcase. This is adorned with speed lines, alternating in gloss and matte black, plus the Hot Wheels Racer Verse and Marvel logos.

Carefully lifting the top will reveal the diorama inside, complete with a small cardboard backdrop and clear plastic shell. Both Iron man and Thanos are situated on sculpted hot wheels tracks, surrounded by clear blue electricity. Flip the switch underneath and then press the Mattel button in the front to activate pulsing lights. The batteries are already included, which is quite cool. The cars are fixed in place, but if you break out a phillips head screwdriver, you can actually hold them in your hand. The molded detail on both cars is quite nice despite the simplified cartoon aesthetic, especially the Thanosmobile. The paintwork is clean, but the molded gold areas have isolated bits of marbling, most unfortunately on Iron Man’s faceplate. It’s only noticeable up close, thankfully. Like all die cast Hot Wheels, they roll very smoothly on their wheels. With some finagling, you can re install the cars for the light up display, if you so choose. Just be sure to hold onto the screws in the meantime. This set is quite fancy, and thus, you can only obtain it through the Mattel Collectibles website, assuming you didn’t grab it at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Mattel Hot wheels Racerverse 2 pack

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The Racer Verse line of Hot Wheels is a super novel and well executed new idea, and what collection would be complete without Iron Man and Thanos? If you collect Marvel themed Racer Verse cars, we certainly recommend this set.


  • The display boxes look great.
  • There are a lot of options with how to display the cars.
  • The molded and painted detail is clean.
  • There is a light up feature.
  • Batteries are included!


  • The gold plastic has some slightly unfortunate marbling.
  • This item is only available through Mattel Creations’ website as of this review.

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