Marvel Legends Series X-Men Build-A-Figure Bonebreaker Action Figures Review

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Editor's Review

Unless we’re mistaken, this is the first time we’ve seen many of these characters in Marvel Legends form! A few of these body molds are familiar, which is not a bad thing, they’re tried and true molds! As such, articulation on all of the figures is excellent, including, but not limited to: double jointed knees and elbows, butterfly joints on everyone but Maggott and Siryn, swivel at the biceps and thighs, and an ab crunch. Paint and head sculpts are even better on these Legends than what you’re used to. Every head sculpt is amazing, capturing the character of each mutant perfectly. The paint on Maggott and Vulcan’s eyes are particularly great details. Also, Maggott has a draping jacket and huge shoulder pads, but neither limit your posing possibilities at all! This Wolverine is set apart from prior iterations by his red hot claws, and pale yellow jumpsuit. In terms of the aesthetics and articulation on these figures, there are no cons.

Accessories-wise, these figures are a tad light. Wolverine comes with an alternate unmasked head. Siryn has two alternate hands and the right treads of Bonebreaker’s tank. Darwin has two alternate hands and the left treads. Vulcan has, you guessed it, two alternate hands, plus Bonebreaker’s torso and hands. Lastly, Maggott has his slugs Eany and Meany, plus Bonebreaker’s head and weapon. To complete the full Bonebreaker Build-A-Figure, you’ll have to track down Sabertooth, and the least unhinged Summers brother, Havok.

Marvel Legends Series X-Men Build-A-Figure Bonebreaker Action Figures

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These figures are a ton of fun. Marvel Legends are the reigning champs of poseability in the affordable collectible market, and this wave in particular has incredible detail work. If you’re an X-Men collector, seek these out!

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