Marvel Legends Series Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Build-A-Figure Rintrah Figures Review

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Editor's Review

This wave allows you to build Rintrah if you collect them all. For today, we’re focusing on the proprietary Dr. Strange figures. Keep your eyes peeled in stores for D’Spayre and Sleepwalker.

The Dr. Strange figures in the line include Dr. Strange himself, Wong, America Chavez, Master Mordo, Astral Form Strange, and Defender Strange. Each figure comes packed with excellent molded detail, and for the most part, very precise painting. There are tiny imperfections on paint if you look very close, but nothing too serious. What stands out about this collection of figures over others, is the variation in textures. You can distinguish high thread count robes from rougher tunics, or satiny capes. This defining characteristic makes the figures worth picking up on its own.

As far as accessories, Dr. Strange includes the Cloak of Levitation, and four alternate hands, two of which have arcane circles. Master Mordo comes with 4 alternate hands, a crossbow, a staff, and Rintrah’s right arm. Wong includes 3 alternate hands (two with arcane circles) a sword, and Rintrah’s left arm. America Chavez has two alternate hands, and Rintrah’s Torso. Astral Strange has an alternate hand, oil lamp, eye of Agamotto, and Rintrah’s head. Lastly, Defender Strange has two alternate hands and a very cool teleportation portal! Articulation is excellent, as is the standard with Marvel Legends, but this group favors robes and tunics, so you may have a bit more trouble posing these characters than ones with less obstructive wardrobes. Headsculpts are generally pretty accurate, but in our reviewer’s opinion, Mordo’s is the weakest, and Defender Strange’s is the best.

Marvel Legends Series Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Build-A-Figure Rintrah Figures

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The sculpt work on these Dr. Strange Marvel Legends make them a very fun addition to your collection. Recreating epic scenes from the Multiverse of Madness should be no problem!

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