Make It Real Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio and Mini Pottery Studio Review

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Editor's Review

Get creative with two new arts and crafts kits that let kids not only make something but make it real.

Give yourself a glam nail look with the Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio. Just add one of the glitter pods to the USB-powered Sparkle Spinner to get started. Then prep your nail by applying an even layer of Sparkle Primer. Immediately after applying, insert your finger into the Sparkle Spinner and press and hold the button. Make sure your nail faces the stream of glitter. After 20 to 30 seconds, release the button and remove your glittery finger. Wait 20 seconds before brushing off excess glitter into the pod. Then you can add nail stickers before applying a layer of clear top coat. The instructions say that when you’re ready for a new nail look, you can remove the glitter by scraping it off with your nail. The kit comes with a sheet of nail stickers, a bottle of Sparkle Primer, a bottle of clear nail polish, a brush, a Sparkle Spinner, five glitter pods, and instructions.

If you love creating mini things, then you’ll love making mini pottery with the Mini Pottery Studio. Use the USB-powered pottery wheel and three templates to create three different styles of jars. The pottery wheel’s centering tool helps you know how much of the air-dry clay to use and keeps the clay centered on the wheel. The dome contains the mess. Once you get the hang of the templates and tools, use the pieces to create your own designs. Let your designs dry for 24 hours, and then paint them. The kit comes with a mechanical unit, a storage base, a mess-free dome, a four-piece centering tool, a removable rotating wheel, a plastic sheet, a double-sided carving tool, four tool tips, an axle, three template guides, a bag of white clay, a sponge, three colors of paint, a paintbrush, a foam pad sheet, and instructions.

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The nail studio is very easy to use, and despite the fact that glitter is involved, it really isn’t that messy. The only thing we might say to do differently is to wait longer than 20 seconds to brush off the excess glitter or at least brush off gently so that you don’t brush off all the glitter. Also, the nail stickers don’t really stay on that well. But kids who like giving themselves manicures will still have fun creating colorful, glittery nail looks with this easy-to-use kit.

For the pottery wheel, there is definitely a learning curve to using the templates and the tools, and the finished results will vary depending on age and skill level. But testing out different techniques is all part of the process. Crafty kids who have the patience to experiment with this kit will have fun making different designs.


Pros (Nail Studio)
Easy to use
Inspires creativity

Pros (Pottery Studio)
Comes with clay
3 templates to create designs
Less messy than a traditional pottery wheel
Inspires creativity


Cons (Nail Studio)
Nail stickers don’t stay on well
Some mess with the glitter

Cons (Pottery Studio)
Learning curve

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