Magic Mixies Sparkle Magic Crystal Ball Review

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Editor's Review

Your future will be full of fun with the Magic Mixies Sparkle Magic Crystal Ball! The next wave of Magic Mixies toys tells your future with more than 80 lights, sounds, and reactions. Using the magic wand and making sure your crystal ball is in “create mode”, you’ll perform a Creation Spell. Follow the instructions for how to jiggle the wand to awaken the crystal ball, summon the magical mist, add color to your Mixie, form your Mixies voice, teach your Mixie to tell fortunes, and bring your Mixie to life. Say “Magicus Mixus” and voila, your Mixie will magically appear inside the crystal ball.

Now you can take your Mixie out of the crystal ball for playtime as referenced in instruction book two. There are four modes of play. In Fortune Telling Mode, ask your Mixie a “yes” or “no” question, and its forehead gem lights up to reveal the answer. In Spell Mode, press the Mixie button on the wand to hear the Mixie say “Spellaramus!” The Mixies gem will match a color on the wand, each color representing a different type of spell, and you follow the instructions for how to move the wand to cast the spell. In Game Mode, the game is matching the color of your wand to the color of your Mixie’s forehead gem before time runs out. There’s also Tickling Mode, where you tickle your Mixie’s belly to hear laughing sounds. But if you tickle too much, your Mixie may get annoyed.

The crystal ball can still be used for playtime, too. You can reset and reveal your Mixie all over again. Or use it to reveal a different toy (provided that the toy fits inside). You can also use the crystal ball as a nightlight either with or without the mist. Just switch from “create mode” to “night-light mode” and take the appropriate actions with your wand to turn it on. The mist lasts approximately seven minutes, while the lights stay on for 30 minutes.

The wand includes two AAA batteries, the electronic figure includes two AAA batteries, and the playset includes six AA batteries.

After using your Crystal Ball multiple times, the mist effect may be reduced. You can create more mist by refilling with a Refill Vial, sold separately.

Magic Mixies Sparkle Magic Crystal Ball

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Should I get it?

Just like the original Magic Mixies, this is a very magical unboxing experience. We like that there’s a whole process to the unboxing that incorporates roleplay, and that kids can make the big reveal happen over and over again. The Magic Mixies plush are really cute and very interactive. We like that there are four modes of play, and that the Crystal Ball can be used in different ways, too.


  • Magical unboxing experience
  • Unboxing process incorporates roleplay
  • Reveal over and over again
  • 4 modes of play with the Mixie
  • 2 modes of play with the Crystal Ball


  • None

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