Lulla Doll Sleeping Companion Coral & Lilac Review

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Editor's Review

Sleeping, or the lack of sleep, can be a delicate issue for many new parents. This cute and soft sleep companion will help your little one relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.

The Lulla doll is made of a super soft material that feels amazing to the touch. It features cute cartoony closed eyes, blushed chicks, and soft arms and legs.

When you press and hold the heart shape on the doll’s chest for 3 seconds, it plays a soothing heartbeat and breathing sound. The sound is so relaxing, and it is because it is a real-life breathing and heartbeat sound. This is so innovative and this little detail makes all the difference. To turn it off, repeat the same as turning it on and hold the heart shape for 3 seconds.

Lulla Doll Sleeping Companion Coral & Lilac

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The Lulla doll is designed to help babies self-soothe, fall and stay asleep, and feel safer and more comfortable. It is also great for cuddling, helps with longer naps, and when it is time to transition to a bigger bed or their own room. Lulla plays for up to 12 hours to provide comfort all night long.

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