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Editor's Review

Is luck on your side? Find out when you play the Roulette-style party game Lucky Flip. The object of the game is to win more points than everybody else by correctly guessing what each of the 53 cards will reveal once flipped over. But you’ve got to remember which cards were already flipped and removed from the deck.

Each player gets seven tokens of the same color, and they place those tokens on the game board to place their bets on what the top card of the deck will reveal. Maybe you’ll guess what color the card will be – orange or green. You can also guess an entire group of numbers by placing a token on one of the four Lucky Hats. Or you can place tokens on the individual numbers – the more tokens you have on a correct number, the more points you score.

If you’re feeling lucky, risk one token on a Lucky Pot space. If the card is a Lucky Pot card, you’ll earn either 10 or 30 points. But if not, you lose that token for the remainder of the game. If you’re feeling really lucky, risk three tokens on the Lucky Flip logo in the center of the game board. You’ll score 100 points if a Lucky Flip card is drawn, but if it isn’t, you lose all three tokens for the rest of the game.

Those players whose tokens are on a winning number then take a turn performing a dice roll to double their total points for the round. Guess which color die will roll the highest number, then roll the dice and see if you get lucky. You don’t get anything for a tie.

Record your score on your scoreboard, and then it’s time for another round. The used card gets discarded, and then players have the opportunity to move their tokens before the next card is flipped. Keep playing until the last card is flipped, tally up all the scores, and whoever has the most points wins.

Lucky Flip

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This whole game was designed to be easy to set up, easy to learn and play, and quick to play. You can play a whole game in about 25 minutes. Even though you do need strategy and memory to be successful at the game, turns of luck level the playing field. If you’re looking for a new game to add to your next family game night, then you’re in luck because Lucky Flip would make a great addition.

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