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Editor's Review

If you like spinning stuff, then check out four different ways to spin marbles and test your skills with Loopy Looper. These are handheld marble spinners, each with a different design. With all of them, the goal is to find the right rhythm to keep the marble spinning around and around.

Edge is white and translucent purple with one tube at the top and one tube at the bottom. If you stop spinning the marble, can you make the marble roll back to the bottom tube?

Flow is white and translucent green with one tube at the bottom. Simply find a rhythm to keep the marble going around and around.

Jump is white and translucent orange with a gap in the middle. Find the right spinning rhythm to make the marble jump from one end to the next and keep on going. Or challenge yourself to stop the spinning at the right time so the marble finishes its course in the gap.

Hoop is white and translucent blue with a hole in the bottom. Can you stop the marble spinning so that it drops down into the hole?

All of these have you start by holding the toy vertically, but then you’re encouraged to hold it at different angles and experiment with different speeds to create different spinning experiences.

Loopy Looper toys all include marbles that have a soft shell for smooth and quiet spins, and metal cores for speed, and you can also use any of your similarly sized favorite marbles. There’s storage space for the marbles on each Loopy Looper, plus display stands to turn your fidget toy into a work of desktop art when not playing with it.

Loopy Looper

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Kids and adults will like the challenge of spinning Loopy Loopers, especially if they’re already fans of fidget-type toys. Keep these out on your desktop for a satisfying stress relief or make your own loopy videos to share on social media. The packaging even includes a hashtag to use (#loopylooper) when sharing!

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