Loog Mini Electric Guitar Review

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Editor's Review

The Loog Mini Electric Guitar is a tiny 3-string electric guitar, about the same size as a ukulele, with a built-in amp and speaker! Comes bundled with an app that teaches you music through AR, and free lessons. The new Loog electric guitars have a built-in amp. They’ve managed to fit an amplifier and a speaker in there! There’s virtually no extra weight, no awkward knobs or controls and the classic Loog guitar silhouette stays unchanged. This isn’t to say that this isn’t heavy. It still weighs a bit for smaller children.

You may have noticed that it has 3 strings compared to the typical 6 strings, however, it’s not entirely different from playing a traditional guitar, it’s just simpler. Since they use the same first three strings -and tuning- of a six-string guitar, everything you learn on a Loog can later be applied on a standard guitar.

Loog Mini Electric Guitar

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It’s very well made. Small enough to travel with and easy to learn.

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