Lofi Girl Chilled Cow, Lofi Cat, and Mochi Plush Toys Review

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Editor's Review

These plush are about 8 inches tall, except for Mocchi, who is a bit shorter. The two defining traits of these plush are the extreme softness and the very charming and cute aesthetic. The stitchwork is super subtle and hard to notice, giving this an added layer of dimension. Although they have a clean and simple look, there actually is a nice level of detail here, especially on Chilled Cow. The surface is extremely soft and velvety, and they’re stuffed to a satisfying firmness, making them ideal for hugs. Thanks in part to the structure and the stuffing, they stand upright all on their own with no fuss. Mocch’s long arms make up for their lack of height, and offer silly display options with your other plush. Lastly, the stripes on LoFi Cat are extremely clean in their application. These are some top notch plush!

Lofi Girl Cow Plush 780 x 780

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These plush are excellent for older plush collectors, whose discerning eye has developed over time. The quality of construction and appearance will impress most!


  • They’re very well made.
  • The stitching is clean and doesn’t stand out.
  • The detail is high.
  • The surfaces are extremely soft.
  • They also stand well on their own, and make great display pieces.


  • None.

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