Little Unicorn Muslin Squares, Security Blanket, and Burp Cloths Review

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Editor's Review

Whether you’re cleaning, burping, or putting your baby down for a nap, Little Unicorn has got you covered with their new lines of Muslin squares, security blankets, and burp cloths. The Muslin squares come in a four pack of Dino Friend patterns: white and gray stripes, dino pattern, blue, and all gray. The squares are gentle on your baby’s skin and are ideal for cleaning, feeding, nursing, burping, play, comfort, etc as it dries quickly. It’s lightweight and easy to take on the go as it’s one half the size of a swaddle blanket, so it can fit into nearly any diaper bag. 

The burp cloths are made of 100% organic cotton and come in two patterns: animal crackers and stillwater stitch. Its innovative shape keeps you clean and dry as you burp your baby on your shoulder or lap and it’s super absorbent. The burp cloths are OEKO-TEX certified meaning its been tested for harmful substances. 

The security blankets come in a three pack with farmyard patterns. It’s made of breathable cotton muslin and has a soft to the touch satin trim. The blanket is lightweight and breathable while helping to regulate your baby’s temperature as they sleep. It’s small enough to take anywhere in a diaper bag so you can wrap your baby up on the go. 

To clean the squares, blanket, and burp cloths, machine wash them on cold and then tumble dry. I always loved the feel of these squares as they’re soft on Riley’s skin and are lightweight enough that I feel comfortable putting them in Riley’s crib while he sleeps. I like that it’s so thin that you can see through it as it’s less of a suffocation risk because when you breathe through it, you can feel the breath on the other side. The burp cloths do such a great job absorbing Riley’s drool, which is great as he drools a lot. The security blankets are a great starter blanket for kids who are almost ready for a blanket and I like the silky edges it has.


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Little Unicorn is our favorite brand of burp clothes and muslin squares. The muslin squares and security blankets are the perfect first step to letting your child have a blanket in the crib.


  • Each item is incredibly soft and gentle on your baby’s skin.


  • None

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