Little Tikes Crazy Fast 3-in-1 Rollin’ Bowlin’ Racin’ Playset and Cars Review

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Editor's Review

Little ones can go crazy fast with a fun new line of pullback toy vehicles and playsets called Crazy Fast. Collect chunky, easy-to-hold vehicles such as a green Muscle Car, a white 4×4 Truck, a silver and red Tuner Car, and a blue Ice Cream Truck. To send these cars racing, pull the vehicle back and let go. They can race up to 50 feet!

Sending these cars racing down your hallway, under the dining room table, or through the kitchen will be a lot of fun, but there’s also a Crazy Fast 3-in-1 Rollin’ Bowlin’ Racin’ Playset. This playset includes two exclusive Crazy Fast vehicles. The packaging unfolds to reveal a 12-foot track with three sections of play. You can set up the bowling pins at the end of the track and send your cars zooming down the lane to see how many pins you can knock down. You can also launch cars from the launcher to see which one will win the race. Or play Shuffle Board, scoring points based on which zone and which side of that zone your car lands in. Green is worth 1 or 500 points, yellow is worth 2 or 250 points, and red is worth 3 or 100 points. There’s some strategy to this game, as kids must wind up their cars just enough to reach their desired zone without overshooting the zones or getting stuck in the hazard area. When you’re done playing, fold up the playset and store everything back in the box.

Little Tikes Crazy Fast 3-in-1 Rollin’ Bowlin’ Racin’ Playset and Cars

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These little cars really are crazy fast. You don’t have to wind them up that much to get them to travel far. Preschoolers will like collecting their favorite cars and trucks, and then racing them! The chunky vehicles are easy for small hands to hold, making it easy for preschoolers to pull back and launch them. We like that the playset offers dedicated play space for these vehicles, as well as three ways to race and play. The playset also has cool graphics that help kids feel like they’re racing on a real racetrack.

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