Little People Collector Ted Lasso Edition Review

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Editor's Review

This is a collectors set of Ted Lasso Little People Figures. Included is the Coach of the Richmond team Ted Lasso…..Believe.

My favorite character in the show is Roy Kent…fortunately it’s not a talking figure due to his colorful vocabulary. Although a talking Roy Kent would be really cool to have.

There’s Rebecca, the owner of the team which brings us to team member Sam, who Rebecca had a close personal relationship with, which isn’t something you see every day with a sports team. Also, there’s Coach Beard, who is generally quiet except that one weird episode in Season 2.

Last but not least is Keeley Jones, who was in a relationship with Roy Kent after being involved with Jaime Tartt, of which there is no figure. I’d like to see a Jaime Figure, along with Higgins and Nate the Great, who’s now Nate the Traitor.

Little People Collector Ted Lasso Edition

Price Check


Should I get it?

If you are a fan of the show, you’ll love this set.


  • These figures are very cool, makes for great collectors set for display.


  • I wish they made a Jaime and Nate figure. Also, do you leave in the box or take them out?

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