LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car Review

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Editor's Review

The Technic McLaren Formula 1 is 1,434 and will take you between 7-10 hours to build. The build is enjoyable and pretty straightforward. Once done, the formula 1 Racer is quite nice to look at. Making this car a Technic set was definitely the right move, as every subtle curve and sharp angle is faithfully crafted out of these planar pieces. The orange and blue are great color pops against the predominantly black frame. Lots of different sponsor logos adorn this car, thanks to some well-camouflaged stickers. The suspension offers a visually complex area to admire, letting you relive the building process in a way.

The car features functioning steering and even features a differential underneath, just like the real version. Roll the car along its large rubber treated tires to activate the pistons in the 6 cylinder engine. Overall, it doesn’t have too many play features, but it definitely looks good just sitting there.

LEGO McLaren Racecar 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

LEGO hobbyists with a love for race cars will love this set. The finished piece resembles the actual car model very closely, so even experts with an eye for detail will be impressed.


  • It looks just like the real car.
  • It has working steering, plus moving parts like the engine and differential.
  • The build is just right, not too easy, not too difficult.


  • There is a relative lack of play features outside of rolling and steering. It looks nice though!

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