LEGO Minecraft Iron Golem Fortress Review

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Editor's Review

The Iron Golem fortress is 868 pieces, so this will take you approximately 2 hours-ish to build. The build itself is pretty simple; nothing very complicated here. There are a few segments which require you to build two nearly identical and symmetrical parts, and coupled with the muted beige, white, and gray, it can start to feel a little bit tedious. However, once you’re done, the color scheme remains, but the bright saturated green and accents of umber liven up the set.

Feature-wise there is an opening gate, an interior space with a forge, work table with ingots, and a storage chest for weapons. Up one floor you’ll find a sparse room with two beds, and at the top is a cool observatory with a map, and not much else. The architecture is the best out of the three rooms with the nice arrangement of columns and map table. All over the set are bountiful pegs to display the included minifigures. A highlight of this set is the high amount of minifigures included! Inside, you get a Crystal Knight, a Golden Knight, two Skeleton horsemen, (which we actually count as four, two skeletons and two horses), an Iron golem and a Charged Creeper, yikes! They all have the telltale pixelated Minecraft aesthetic printed on their bodies. Our favorites are the Skeleton Archers and the Iron Golem, thanks to the unique shape and scale.

However, if the minifig Iron Golem isn’t big enough for you, remove the upper two stories of the fortress, plus the two columns to either side, combine them, and you’ll create a massive Iron Golem with articulated arms! Talk about nifty display options!

Minecraft LEGO Iron Golem

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Should I get it?

This is a great set to flesh out your existing LEGO Minecraft collection. The fortress itself may be light on furnishings, but the transforming feature, plus the wealth of minifigs make this well worth getting.


  • It doesn’t take very long to build.
  • It comes with a bunch of minifigures and accessories.
  • It has some very cool display and play options. 


  • The build is a little dull at times.
  • While the minifigure accessories are plentiful, the trappings in the rooms are surprisingly sparse when compared to other sets.

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