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Editor's Review

The Lion Knights Castle is a mondo 4,514 pieces and is going to take you a few days to build. As you can imagine, the building process is very detailed and intricate, but what stood out most to us is the interesting ways in which diagonal angles were achieved. A clever smattering of c-clips, triangular base pieces, and hinge pieces help this set avoid looking too one-dimensional.

From head to toe, every inch of his castle has something to admire. On the outside, plants abound in the grassy knolls and a stone ramp stands steadfast in the bright blue marsh. There are a couple knobs you can turn to operate the portcullis and back gate, plus a gear on the roof to lower the drawbridge. So cool!! Not only can this set be displayed all together or separated into town half and fortress half, but both halves can be unfolded to reveal full interiors. Each room has so much character, you can instantly tell what each one is for. You’ll find a dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, waterwheel mechanism, armory, privy, and dungeon, complete with a secret exit. You can also find the woodsmen’s secret hideout to the left of the large tree. Speaking of the woodsmen, let’s get into minifigs. In total you get an astounding 22 minifigs. Among them are a whole host of Lion Knights, the Queen, townsfolk, a wizard, the woodmen, and even members of the Black Falcons. 

Given the opening buildings, the connections points, mechanisms, and the massive amount of minifigs, the play options for this set are nearly endless!

Lion Knights Castle 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Older LEGO fans will adore this set. The complexity of the build, play options, and level of detail make this a joy to build and display. And, of course, who can deny the appeal of the retro Lion Knights IP?


  • It’s a massive, fun build.
  • The architecture of the set is well thought out, with lots of diagonals.
  • It can be broken up into smaller parts for greater display options.
  • You get a whopping 22 minifigs.
  • The internal mechanisms are super fun to play with.


  • It’s a pricy set. Definitely a luxury item.

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