LEGO Hokusai’s the Great Wave Review

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Editor's Review

The Great Wave set is 1,810 pieces and will take you about 4 hours to build. The building process is much more meditative and abstract than a standard LEGO set with representational structures and minifigs. Making sure every dot is in its place is a process that some would call satisfying and others would call tedious. We’re more in the middle, leaning toward satisfying.

You’ll be surprised just how 3-dimensional this image ends up. You always think you’re building the final layer, but then the instructions spur you ever forward. The ocean foam, we were bemused to find out, is made of leaves and birds. But honestly, from the proper viewing angle, it looks great! The last step of laying the image into the frame and locking it into place is super satisfying!  Plus, the back includes two picture hangers to mount this on your wall, and trust us, you’ll want to. When the light hits the picture perfectly, the shadows fall just right, filling in detail that’s absent when it’s simply lying flat on a table. All of the colors are spot on, and the original composition of Hokusai’s masterful work is approximated quite well. Small details peeking out of frame bring a subtle added layer of dimensionality to the set. The build may feel a tad laborious, but once it’s done, appreciating it with your eyes is 100% fun. Do be slightly cautious, as the birds protrude ever so slightly out from the frame.

Hokusai the Great Wave LEGO 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Unambiguously, yes! If you’re the type of fan to be interested in this set in the first place, that means you should get it. The final look of the finished set is just too cool.


  • The set comes with wall hangers built in.
  • The frame and art lock together very securely.
  • The build is very layered.
  • The final product is gorgeous, especially under the right light.


  • Some may consider the building process monotonous at times.

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