LEGO Dots Lots of Dots and Dots Designer Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Here is the Dots Designer! So, what’s in the box? Lots of multi-colored Dots tiles, 5 room decor items to make and decorate, an inspirational magazine with more design ideas, and a diamond-shaped tile remover for easy redecorating.

There are 1,040 pieces in this set! It gives kids endless amount of extra pieces for creativity. It’s full of exciting colors and shapes, like 1/2 circles, full circles, square tiles and more! There’s a wide selection of Dots so there’s no way to get bored.

LEGO Dots Lots of Dots and Dots Designer Sets

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Kids can get as creative as they want. You get tons of design ideas. Both sets help in expanding their imagination. You can add these to any other LEGO set and it also makes a fun arts and crafts kit too!

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