LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure and Frozen Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Build the worlds of your favorite Disney princesses with LEGO construction sets featuring Jasmine, Mulan, Elsa, and Anna.

Using 176 pieces, kids can build Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure construction set (model number 43208). Along with two mini-doll figures of Jasmine and Mulan, the set includes Mulan’s horse, Khan, and Jasmine’s tiger, Rajah. Build a two-story palace for Jasmine, complete with lounge chair, gold lamp, magic carpet, and Jafar’s staff. Then build a detailed shrine for Mulan with hanging lanterns, cherry blossoms, and a lucky cricket. An included saddle allows either doll to ride the horse or tiger.

Anna’s Castle Courtyard and Elsa’s Castle Courtyard sets (models 43198 and 43199) are smaller sets, with 74 pieces and 53 pieces, respectively. Anna’s courtyard features details from Frozen 2, including a salamander figure and a color scheme that evokes Arendelle’s Harvest Festival. An Anna mini-doll figure is included. Elsa’s courtyard features snow and ice details, along with one Snowgie figure. This comes with an Elsa mini-doll figure. Both mini-dolls have a unique diamond dress. Combine each set’s fountain with the skirt to create a storage container for the top of the doll that looks like a diamond.

LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine and Mulan's Adventure and Frozen Building Sets

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Each of these sets features fun details from the movies, letting kids recreate their favorite scenes or imagine all-new adventures. The Jasmine and Mulan set brings two princess favorites together for lots of creative storytelling. The Frozen sets may be small, but they are just right for inspiring a lot of imaginative play.

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