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Editor's Review

Fun fact, the LEGO Titanic is 9090 pieces! Is the second largest LEGO set ever, as of the writing of this review. The only set that beats it in terms of raw piece numbers is the LEGO Art World Map, but the LEGO Titanic claims the moral victory, as it has more varied piece shapes and far fewer studs. Not to knock the Art World Map, we loved that set too, just saying! The Titanic will take you a few weeks to build, unless you’re an absolute unit of a LEGO builder. There are three books worth of instructions, so you’re going to need a bookmark and an iron will. Once completed, the Titanic is majestic; there is truly no other word to describe it. At 54 inches in length, this construction is massive. The colors are simple, saturated, and evoke a feeling of an age gone by, especially with the russet red and ivory white. Adding to the antique decor are the stands underneath and the display plaque, beautifully embellished with an early 1900s typeface. The amount of detail present in this is incredible. Cranes and lifeboats sprinkle the edges of the ship. Dorade Vents and benches populate cabin roofs and the deck respectively. A very clever feature is the use of LEGO dowels and c-clips to create railings. There is a dial in the stern where you can tighten or loosen the ropes, and a small compartment in the bow to raise and lower the anchors. Another little detail that we Iove about this set, is that you can see down the entire upper deck hallway, from end to end. Impressed? Well all of this is just the beginning!

Lift up two designated points to unlock a splitting feature in the ship, where you can admire the cross section. The cross sections were our favorite part. You can clearly make out lodging cabins, rec rooms, a swimming pool, a dining area, and so much more, all made out of such tiny bricks! The stern cross section reveals piston engines that when turned, move up and down, and rotate the propellers near the rudder. This set is truly a masterpiece.

LEGO Creator Expert Titanic

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The LEGO Titanic is a challenge to build, and super fun to admire afterward. It’s the best reward possible after this test of endurance and building prowess.

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