Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Center Review

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Editor's Review

There are three ways for little ones to play when you turn on the air power of the Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Center. Air gently blows up through the top of the activity center to make the four sea creature toys move around. The air also causes three toys on the side of the center, as well as the whale in the middle, to spin and wave. Play with just the air blowing or listen to music at the same time. For more fun, pretend bubbles light up on either side, and kids can push down on the yellow fish’s top fin to make its tail move.

Use the Airtivity Center without the table legs for floor play for babies who can sit on their own but cannot yet stand and walk. Once baby can stand, attach the legs for table play. And then engage toddlers in some gameplay by having them use the yellow fish’s tail to flip the floating sea creatures at the light-up bubbles. If you hit the bubbles, you’ll hear music and ocean sounds.

Store the sea creatures in the side pocket next to the fish.

Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Center

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This kind of reminds us of an air hockey table, especially when you add the game play of trying to flip the sea creatures into the bubbles. There’s a lot here that offers visual and auditory stimulation, as well as fine motor skills through tactile play. Little ones will like exploring all the different areas of this activity center, and parents will like that it grows with children.

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