LALO First Bites Starter Kit Review

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Editor's Review

Your baby deserves the perfect utensils to start eating solids with, so why not go with the LALO First Bites Starter Kit?  The First Bites Starter Kit comes in five colors: sage, oatmeal, popcorn, grapefruit, and blueberry. We’re reviewing the oatmeal one today. The kit consists of a Suction Bowl (8oz), Little Cup with straw (4oz), and two Little Spoons. The kit is made of silicone, which is non-toxic and BPA free. The silicone should not stain, but be sure to wash or rinse it immediately after eating foods that typically stain easily, like beets, strawberries and tomato sauce. The Suction Bowl has a sturdy suction base that secures to most high chair trays and tables. The Little Cup can be used with a straw, with just the spout, or open like a traditional cup. And the Little Spoon is the perfect size for your baby’s hands and is perfect for teething babies because it’s so soft. This kit is perfect for kids who are starting solid foods, including purees and baby-led weaning because it gives them the freedom to independently eat without parents worrying about any real safety hazards such as if they throw the bowl on the floor or bite the spoon. I absolutely loved this kit, from its color to the cup with the straw. The big sections on the plate were perfect for Riley because he prefers meals to be separated unless he chooses to mix it together. However, the suction on the bowl isn’t really great as Riley picked it up without hesitation. The spoons really didn’t pick up a lot of food either. But,  they were great for Riley to teethe on. 

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I thought this was a great little set that came with everything you need to start baby-led weaning.


  • It’s great for teething babies.
  • Comes in cool colors
  • Allows your baby to be more independent when they eat. 


  • The suction on the bowl isn’t great.
  • The spoons aren’t really that deep.

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