L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens Surprise Swap Review

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Editor's Review

Change up your L.O.L. doll’s look in a swap with L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens Surprise Swap. Each doll comes with 20 surprises, including an interchangeable styling head for a whole new look. 

Dolls in the line include Tween Queen Winnie, who we’re showing in our video review. She comes wearing a pink braided bow in her blonde and pink-streaked hair. Her fashion consists of a yellow-and-pink ruffle dress with silvery chain necklace and belt, puffy sleeves, and pink heels with yellow mesh ruffle socks. You can add to the look with a crown, a pink bow headband, and a Tween Queen sash. The doll also comes with a caboodle in which you can keep the accessories: a comb, two hair clips, two hair elastics, and two scrunchies. 

When you want to give Winnie a new look, use the suction cup base of the extra head to stick to a flat surface. Then, pop off the head. Remove the head from the doll and swap. The second head features blue hair with pink streaks pulled up into a braided heart. 

And here’s a surprise: there’s a second dress underneath the first one! The shiny pink strapless dress with center cut-out goes well with either doll head.

No matter the look, keep the doll on display with the included doll stand.

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Should I get it?

L.O.L. fans will really like all the different ways they can change up their doll – from the fashion to the accessories to the head! This is a cool concept that allows for even more customization and imaginative play.


20 surprises (two heads, two fashions, and accessories)
Swapping heads is easy to do
Many ways to customize the look
Inspires creativity



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