L.O.L. Surprise! Sunshine Makeover Review

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Editor's Review

Have fun in the sun with new L.O.L. Surprise! Sunshine Makeover. Inside each ball, you’ll find eight surprises, including a mystery doll that changes color in the sun. When you remove the ball’s first plastic layer, you’ll find a secret message. Then remove the rest of the plastic to open up the ball and find out which of the nine dolls is inside. You can use the collector’s guide to find out your doll’s rarity level (popular, fancy, rare, or ultra-rare), what club she’s in, and what her water features are. Unwrap the doll’s accessories so you can feed her water from her bottle and see if she cries, spits, or tinkles. Once the doll is dressed in her fashion and accessories, it’s time to go outside. The doll changes color under sunlight and changes back in the shade.

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This new series has a lot of fun surprises for L.O.L. fans. Of course the unboxing experience is fun, and each doll has a water feature, but it’s really cool to see how the sun’s warmth makes patterns appear on the doll’s clothing. That also brings the imaginative play outside. These dolls will be really fun for kids to collect.


Unboxing fun

Each doll has a water feature

Dolls change color in the sun

Imaginative play



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