Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Playmobil K.I.T.T. is a beauty. The toy is an excellent replica of the iconic vehicle from Knight Rider, done up with a premium matte finish, tinted windows, a full detailed interior, rubber tires, retractable headlights, a very tricky license plate, and lights and sounds. Two AAA batteries will be needed to use this feature. Gently touch the ventilation inlet to hear K.I.T.T.’s initiation sequence, and tap it subsequently to get random voice lines and sounds. K.I.T.T. powers down after about 2 seconds of inactivity. The roof can be removed to access the interior, which is good, because the doors do not open. The dashboard is fully detailed, and even has a built in fax/printer. Lastly, you can attach a grappling hook to the underside of K.I.T.T.

This set comes with 3 figures and a ton of accessories. Michael Knight, of course, fits right into the driver’s seat of K.I.T.T. Bonnie Barstow comes with her computer lab, a toolbox, clipboard, and camera, and Devon Miles includes his office desk, chair, computer, and landline phone. All of the figures meet the high standard established by Playmobil, and are adorned with lots of printed detail to make them unmistakable caricatures of the famous show characters.

Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Set

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Should I get it?

Fans of Knight Rider should take note, this toy is quite fun and detailed!


  • K.I.T.T., the focal point of the set, is super detailed and looks high quality.
  • There are lights and sounds, as well as play features.
  • 3 figures of Michael, Bonnie, and Devon are included, plus tons of accessories.


  • Lack of included batteries.
  • The flipping license plate feature got stuck on our copy.

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