Kid’s Sensory Weighted Gel Maze, Build Your Own Toy Toolbox, Collapsible Ocean Sensory Bin, & Kinetic Sand Box Review

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Editor's Review

If you want to keep kids busy and engaged, then check out four new toys full of sensory play and exploration. 

The Kid’s Sensory Weighted Gel Maze is a 14-inch sensory tool filled with a gooey green liquid. Press the liquid to try and move the two rings and one ball through the maze. This fidget toy weighs about 2.2 pounds, and when placed on the lap, it offers targeted deep pressure to help calm the mind and body. Use it at home or fold it up and bring it with you on the go.

The Build-Your-Own Toy Toolbox comes with a variety of kid-friendly wooden tools to help with fine motor skills and boost imagination. Use tiger pliers, a hammer, a wrench, a combination wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver, a saw, a ruler, and a flathead screwdriver to build a plane, a car, and more out of the wooden pieces and bolts. The instruction guide provides picture examples of what kids can build, but kids can use their imaginations to put the pieces together however they want.

The Collapsible Ocean Sensory Bin pops up to become a space for growing dehydrated beads. The set comes with two packs, and the bucket is large enough to hold both packs at once. Add four cups of water, and wait at least 20 minutes for the beads to grow into squishy, marble-sized beads. Then, add the sea creature figures and play. Create a sea scavenger hunt or play however you want.

And the Kinetic Sand Box comes with two bags of tactile hydrophobic sand. (Kinetic Sand is a trademarked brand name, and we’re not totally sure that Big Heart Toys has the rights to use that name on this product.) Pour the sand into the wooden box, and then add the beach-themed accessories for imaginative play.

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These are all really cute playsets that will encourage exploration and sensory play. Each set offers something different, so you could have a different play experience every day. We like the weight and gooey challenge of the maze, the creative roleplay of the toolbox, the squishy sea play with the ocean bin, and the satisfying sand play with the sand box.


4 sets to choose from
Different sensory experiences
Gel maze is weighted
Toolbox promotes creative roleplay
Fun to watch water beads grow
Sand box play is satisfying



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