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Editor's Review

Can you blurt it out before time runs out? That’s the object of the new game Ka-Blab. The centerpiece of the game is an electronic timer shaped like a bomb. Each player gets a stack of cards placed facedown in front of them and three pink explosion tokens. When you’re ready, pull the fuse on the timer, and the youngest player rolls all three dice to start. Add up any numbers and that’s how many things that player needs to blurt out. But just what types of things is she blurting out? She flips over the top card on her stack to reveal a category, such as breakfast foods. Once she’s blurted out however many breakfast foods she’s supposed to name, she rerolls any number dice and adds up numbers showing from the new roll to name even more things in the same category. This player must keep rolling and blabbing until one of two things happen. First, she rolls all blanks or an X, which is a skip. In that case, she’d pass the dice to the next player who would then start his turn while the timer is still ticking. And second, her turn ends if the timer goes “Ka-Blab!”. In that case, she’d lose a token. Now it’s the next player’s turn.

If a player loses all three tokens, she’s out of the game. When there’s only one player who still has tokens left, the game is over, and that player wins.

Ka-Blab! Family Game

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We like the look of the timer and that the time is randomized, so you never know when it’s going to blow. This is a fun twist on similar “category” games. The timer adds a lot of pressure, making naming things challenging, and just when you think you’ve successfully named items, you have to reroll and potentially do it again. This will be an exciting addition to a game night.

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