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Editor's Review

Soap keeps you clean, but it also gives you a bubbly introduction to chemical reactions. The Just Add Soap science and art kit comes with tools and activities to help kids discover the fascinating science of bubbles. 

Along with adult assistance, kids will make magic glitter, perform a density experiment, make bubble solution, blow a bubble in a bubble, make bubble snakes, build a bubble blower, make hand bubbles, paint with bubbles, create a rainbow jar, perform a sink or swim experiment, make a soap volcano, make an exploding soap sculpture, make soap dough, make rainbow soap, make slime, create squishy soap, make bath crayons, make snowball soap, create a soap surprise, make speckled soap, make marble soap, make watermelon soap, and make soap on a rope. Plus, there are two bonus activities: make your own giant bubble wand and make jelly soap.

Kit contents include a soap mold, two soap bases, thin rope, a large rubber band, three bottles of food coloring, an eye dropper, three balloons, a flower cookie cutter, two straws, glitter, three sheets of watercolor paper, and instructions. For each activity, you will need to provide additional materials, such as dish soap, water, and plates and bowls.

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This kit is so much more than just blowing bubbles. It makes learning about science fun. While only 11 of the 25 activities are science experiments with science lessons to read at the end of the activity’s instructions, all of the activities are fun and keep kids busy learning and creating. 


25 activities

Explains science behind activities

Most of the tools are included

Makes science fun and hands-on



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