Jurassic World Camoflauge N’ Batttle Indominus Rex and Fierce Changers T-Rex Review

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Editor's Review

Out of the box, these two dinos display quite well together, thanks in no small part to their very nice sculpts. Both are covered in wrinkly hides, with bumps and ridges galore. To the uninitiated, you might not have guessed that they hold wildly different play features! 

The Chase N’ Roar T Rex is the more stylized of the two, having slightly exaggerated proportions and a slightly cartoonish appearance, most evidenced with the eyes and teeth. Of course, due to the transformation feature, there is a bit of kibble, most noticeable on the legs, but by the end of this review, you’ll cut the toy plenty of slack, trust me. There is a bit of articulation at the hips, feet, jaw and arms, and if you take the time to line the legs and feet up properly, the toy stands up very well in most poses. The button on its back makes some frightening roaring sounds! Now for the transformation, which is a bit intimidating at first glance. The instructions are somewhat clear, but you’ll need to reference the small steps AND the progress illustrations together sometimes to parse what they’re trying to tell you. If you have experience with transforming toys though, let your intuition guide you a bit, and you’ll find it’s actually quite simple. One frustrating thing is that you’ll constantly be pressing the roar button during the process, so get ready for periodic jumpscares. The last few steps can be tricky, since you need to line everything up just right, but when you do, tada!! Where is the dinosaur?? Where did it go?? All that’s left is a Jeep! Impressively, the tires are the only touch points on the ground so you can roll it around by hand, or push it a very modest distance. You get a sticker sheet too, and parents, you’ll probably have to help with this, there are some very complicated ones to apply! The new button in the back produces engine noises in lieu of roars. While some sacrifices are made in each mode, the fact that it enables a transformation from a dinosaur to a car is…well, somewhat miraculous, in my opinion. Well done!

The Indominus Rex may not transform, but in exchange, it can go much harder in the paint and sculpt. The gradients on the face ridges and the bumps and spikes on its back are particularly nice touches. It also boasts far more articulation too, with movement in the neck, arms, hips, feet and tail. Grasp the tail and twist to shake the head back and forth, then press the button to make the Indominus open its mouth, roar, and glow with spooky green energy. The internal sculpt creates an amazing organic pattern in conjunction with the green lights. It makes the Indominus Rex even more intimidating, and we didn’t think that was possible! If you have the Jurassic World Fact app, there’s a scan point here to learn all about the Indominus Rex.

Indominus Rex

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Should I get it?

The Indominus Rex is a great dino to get if you crave great screen accuracy, naturalistic proportions, and intricate detail. The Fierce Changers T-Rex on the other hand is perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts who like quirky play features, puzzles and fidget toys.


  • Both have very nice sculpted detail.
  • The Indominus has very strong paintwork and is nicely articulated.
  • The T Rex’s transformation feature is complex enough to be fun, but not too difficult.
  • The T Rex manages to successfully change between two wildly different and pretty convincing forms.
  • Batteries are included with both! 


  • The T Rex has more limited articulation, due to the transforming feature.
  • You’ll set off the button a lot while transforming.

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