Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Mystery Eggs Review

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Editor's Review

Starting off with the two smaller eggs, if you’ve been a follower of ToyMonster’s Captivz line, these will look pleasantly familiar. Each Egg comes with a toy to assemble, a packet of slime, and a form of ID for the dino. The hatchling egg dinosaur has a “small body, big head” proportional style, and looks more cute and cartoony, whereas the Build N’ Battle figure has naturalistic proportions and sculpt. Both toys feature precise paint apps to help cement the identity of whichever dinosaur you get. The Build N Battle Egg includes amber colored slime, and the Hatchling has this color of slime reminiscent of glow in the dark objects, but alas, it does not. A rectangular card is included with the Build N’ Battle, and the Hatchling has a disc.

Now for the big guy, the Surprise Build N’ Battle Egg. Inside you get stickers, an ID card, and three substances in which to excavate. Dig through the gritty and textural sand, the slick and lustrous biosyn slime, and the gelatinous amber resin to acquire your dino parts, and put them together to complete your figure! Use the ID cards to do battle with other dinos, and see who will reign supreme. The sticker sheet has great stickers of varying sizes and shapes, but don’t be surprised if a couple are folded slightly from their time in egg confinement. Also, give yourself space to play with the slime, lest you be left with a mess!

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Toy Monster 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Yes! The 30th anniversary eggs will please new and old fans alike. Legacy dinos make their triumphant return with great paint and sculpt, and the various slimes are as satisfying to mess with as ever.


  • They offer a varied textural experience for slime/ fidget fans.
  • The surprise element heightens excitement while unboxing
  • The assembled toys have great paint and sculpt.
  • There’s a built in game you can play with the ID cards.


  • The stickers can get folded while packed in the egg.
  • Slime play can get messy without proper planning.

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